We believe in proactively equipping administrators and staff with the tools they need to effectively carry out their responsibilities.  To that end, we offer informative, engaging, and interactive trainings and workshops in all practice areas.  Some of our standard trainings and workshops are described below.  We also regularly customize our trainings and workshops to the needs of our clients. Contact ASM today for all your training needs.


  • AB 1825 Sexual Harassment Prevention and Avoiding Abusive Conduct (Workplace Bullying)
  • Identifying, Correcting, and Preventing Workplace Discrimination, Retaliation, and Harassment
  • Americans with Disabilities Act and Fair Employment and Housing Act
  • Uniform Complaints and Complaints Against Personnel
  • Conducting Effective Investigations
  • Documenting Employee Conduct and Performance
  • Employee Discipline and Discharge
  • Personnel Files and Record Retention
  • Planning for Hearing: Document Preparation and Witness Preparation
  • Interviewing Student Witnesses
  • Employee Evaluations
  • Certificated and Classified Leaves
  • Layoffs
  • Grievance Handling and Collective Bargaining Agreement Implementation
  • Affordable Care Act
  • Contracting Out


  • ​IEPs and 504 Plans: Procedural Compliance
  • Child Find
  • Preparing for Due Process and Mediation
  • Responding to Parent Requests and Prior Written Notice


  • Child Abuse Mandated Reporter Training
  • Bullying Prevention and Investigation
  • FERPA and Student Confidentiality
  • Student Record Challenges
  • Retention and Destruction of Student Records
  • Student Discipline, Suspensions, and Expulsions
  • Freedom of Expression under the First Amendment
  • Searches and Seizures under the Fourth Amendment
  • Religion in Schools
  • SARB and Student Truancy
  • Student Fees
  • Student Custody and Parent Disputes


  • Appropriate Use Agreements and BYOD Policies
  • Protecting Student Privacy and Responding to Improper Disclosures
  • Cyberbullying and Student Speech


  • Ethics and Avoiding Conflicts of Interest
  • Responding to Public Records Act Requests
  • Brown Act and Open Meeting Requirements
  • California Voting Rights Act


  • Public Bidding

Trainings & Workshops