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Adams Silva & McNally LLP was founded on a principle of providing the highest quality experienced legal services to our clients in a timely fashion. We pride ourselves in providing legal services that are both timely and responsive to your needs. Through our years in education law and other areas, we understand your needs and are committed to working side-by-side to help you accomplish your goals. ​We also understand the limits to public resources and are committed to providing cost-effective legal services. Given our wide breadth of knowledge and experience, we are often able to respond to your needs, in many instances, without the need for lengthy legal research. However, in instances where your needs dictate comprehensive written legal advice, we are available to provide that service. Our experience also enables us to identify legal issues that will or may arise in the future and guide you to either avoid those issues or takes steps to defend against them.

Labor & Employment

We represent employers in all aspects of the employee-employer relationship.

Special Education

Our attorneys are skilled in the art of balancing the ongoing relationships school districts have with the students and families in their special education programs,

Student Matters

We understand the value of maintaining harmonious relationships with parents and assist school districts in doing so to the extent appropriate.


We have a broad range of experience in representing school districts in matters related to governance and regularly conduct training programs and workshops on related topics to boards of education and staff members.

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